Lady Picasso offers commission services and creates personalized artwork for clients such as custom paintings, digital drawings, EP covers, artwork on clothing, and more. Lady Picasso has been creating commission work since 2017 up to now, from creating couple drawings, portrait paintings, tattoo designs, famous super heros, to works of all kinds. She creates customized artwork in her signature art style while working with the client’s personal taste and vision for the project. Prices on commissions vary depending on the type of artwork that is being requested, sizing, supplies, and the amount of time spent into the commission. Once the client has made a request for a commission, Lady Picasso will be able to give a quote on the price and an estimated time frame of the commission to be completed. Payment is received first, then commission process begins after. 


Steps of the commission process: 

Once full payment has been received, the commission begins after. After the client has provided payment and has send an email of their inquiry and details of their commission (photo reference is not required but it is highly recommended to better ensure the the client's vision and personal taste), Lady Picasso will then makes a full drawing sketch based on the client’s inquiry and criteria for the commission. Lady Picasso will then ask for their approval before transferring full sketch onto the final product. Once client has made the approval, Lady Picasso will then move onto the final product and will regularly make updates with client on the process. After the commission has been fully completed, the client will have their commission shipped out within the next business day and will immediately receive a tracking number through their email. (This excludes digital artwork. Files of digital artwork will be sent as a PDF file through email) For shipping, domestic orders will take 1-2 weeks for it to be shipped and delivered and international orders will take 1-3 weeks. 


What if I don’t like my commission? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, all commissions are final sale. All purchases from the Lady Picasso shop are final sale, non refundable, and non exchangeable. Therefore, when creating a commission a full sketch will be completed and an approval from the client first before creating the finalized product. 


What type of commission is not available?

Lady Picasso does not offer logos and commissions for re-sell purposes. For an example, requesting a commission in order to make a product out of the artwork and make sales from it. All rights of Lady Picasso’s artwork are reserved and copyrighted. Lady Picasso also does not offer commissions on paintings from outside of the U.S except for Canada. This is due to exceeding shipping costs on larger and heavier items that are being flown overseas.